Help avoid collisions & accidents

The Smartbrake system is designed as an aid to the driver, so that when an object is detected there is both a visual & audible indication to the driver via a dash mounted display.

Plus if there is a risk of collision with an object/person in the danger zone, the brakes will automatically apply

Stopping costly accidents

  • Obstacle Visual and Audible Indication to the driver
  • Brakes apply when an imminent collision is detected.
  • Has override button for reversing or forward driving into narrow streets and parking, to allow for vehicle overhang.
  • Override default times out after 30 seconds for safety reasons (Programmable to customer spec)
  • Brakes applied through service brakes so no sudden stopping, unlike competition who use the spring brake.
  • Brake application is pulsed, so no sharp jolts when stopping at speed.
  • Throttle Control to “Kill” engine revs, preventing drive through against braking & wear on brakes/transmission.
  • Can be used for both forward and reverse direction.

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