Environmental, Social and Governance

Being in such a CO2 heavy industry, the Thriplow Group and its subsidaries are thinking ahead.


With the enhancements in barrery technology The Thriplow Group under the Thriplow Zero initiative is proud to run the first fully battery powered bond coat sprayer, along side its electric car fleet.


This page will update you on our ESG policy as we fully develope it.

"Thriplow Group take this seriously - So, we developed the first Zero-Emission Sprayer, which will allow us to save approximately 250 tons of CO2 per year per truck."

Zero-emission bond coat sprayer

In 2022 we purchased the UK's first full EV bond coat sprayer to add to our fleet. This machine will not only reduce the operating CO2 output but also be able to freely enter ULEZ zones.

Being the first in our fleet, the Thriplow Group is planning to utilise this technology along side other technologies to create a more sustainable plant hire fleet.

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